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Sonic Pest

Triple Power, Triple Control, Triple Peace Of Mind!

SonicPest is the high-tech solution to repel mice, roaches, mosquitos, spiders and even fleas, effectively keeping them away from your home 24/7.

Salmonella, hantavirus, chikungunya, tularemia & dysentery are just some of the health risks you and your family are exposed to by letting pests nest inside your home. But who wants to pay a pest controller and deal with the hassle of being away from their home?

Exactly, nobody!

This discrete yet effective device is perfect for any kind of home, specially one with small children and pregnant women. SonicPest is designed to be health-friendly for everybody (except pests, of course!).

It works by emitting specific high-frequency sounds that effectively affect pests and prevent them from nesting inside your home. All of this makes using poison, traps and lures a thing of the past!

Benefits of using SonicPest in your home:

Extended Protection: Repels mice, roaches, mosquitos, spiders, and fleas!

Intelligent Design: The ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves target only the pest’s nervous system.

Safe: Having this in your home is safer and cleaner than pesticides for children and pregnant women.

Easy to use: As soon as you unbox SonicPest, it is ready to be used, just plug it into your wall socket and you are all set.

Adaptable: Built to be equally effective for apartments, homes and offices.