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Magic Automatic Window Cleaner

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     Climbing shaky ladders and risking your own safety for a clean home is a thing of the past with our new Magic Window Cleaner. Say goodbye to struggling to reach those tough spots you just cant reach and say hello to effortlessly clean windows. This is designed for anyone with windows, sponges are often messy and leaves even more than a mess for you to clean. Our magic cleaner takes away all of the stress with our unique suction technology and microfiber pads to make your windows sparkling and spotless.


  • Works on all surfaces including tile, windows, mirrors, counters and more!
  • You never have to climb ladders again with our unique suction design 
  • Completely hands free and controlled with a remote which takes all of the grunt work out of cleaning windows
  • Our smart technology ensures that your entire window is clean without missing a spot! 

     Imagine never having to climb a ladder again. Imagine reaching all of those hard to reach spots effortlessly. Imagine being the envy of all your friends for having flawless windows and have them wondering how you do it. This magic window cleaner is where your dreams meet reality. This is your answer to a safe and fast cleaning solution. Not only is it safer and provides better result but it is also 3 times faster than human labor!