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Baby Mate - Magic Baby Food Maker

Station +10 pouch 2 spoons
Station +30 pouch 2 spoons
Station +40 pouch 2 spoons
Station +50 pouch 2 spoons

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Save Money and Enjoy Baby Food on the Go with this no-spill, easy-to -use, fruit and vegetable baby food pouches maker set

•   Easy to Use for All Ages  - Pour your baby food or fresh-fruit or vegetable puree into the container, press down the easy-grip plunger and fill. This maker can make three pouches at a time. Works great with your own homemade food as well as yogurt, applesauce and other store-bought food when you're in a hurry. Squeeze the pouch when you're ready to serve.

•   N o Spills, No Cleanup - Slip the no-spill pouches in your diaper bag for food on the go. It's great for both babies as well as toddlers. Kids can eat directly from the pouches or use the included spoon attachment. 

•  Healthy Food on the Go - You'll know the exact ingredients of your baby food pouches, meaning you're in control of any preservatives and artificial additives (unlike store-bought food pouches). The pouches are easy to label so you'll know exactly what's inside and how fresh it is.  

*   Save Money and Time -  Meal prep for the whole week using our ten refillable pouches. Serve some right away and freeze others for later. 

Size: 21x22x9cm/8.26

1-Food Squeeze Station 

3-Food Dispensers

10 Pouches

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