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Baby Tableware - Baby Anti Slip Bowl Set

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Blue Spoon
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Green Bowl with Spoon
Blue Bowl with Spoon
Yellow Bowl with Spoon
Red Bowl with Spoon

Your baby will NEVER make a mess again. Save your baby wipes and save your money from broken plates and bowls 

Stop your baby from breaking another bowl and make feeding time fun.

Our Baby Tableware - Baby Anti Slip Bowl Set is what every mom needs!

With our, Anti-Slip Bowl Set you will have a Cleaner Baby which means a Happier You.

The Anti Slip Bowl has a safe suction seal which means the baby bowl will stay Put, which will decrease the chance of Mess to zero so you can play More, Scrub Less. The Anti Slip Bowl comes with a Snap-on lid for instant leftover storage.

Our Baby Tableware - Baby Anti Slip Bowl Set is easy clean and could be put into a dishwasher 

The Baby Tableware - Baby Anti Slip Bowl Set will Cling When needed and can be released when You Don't want it to cling. The bowl is easy to release for adult tab means adults can remove it in seconds, toddler's can’t.

Our Anti-Slip Bowl Set is safe for Baby and the Planet its  Toxin-Free, BPA Free, and PVC Free means baby can chew away without worry.

If you want to increase the strength of the bowl suction use a bit of water under the bowl to get a stronger suction. 


Our Temperature Feeding Spoons are 100% BPA Free and FDA Approved soft tip spoons.

The infant utensils are made from the highest quality food grade and non-toxic materials.

The Temperature Feeding Spoons are heat-sensing they work within seconds to transform into a translucent color. Temperature sensing design can tell you whether the food is suitable for the baby to eat.

The Spoons have Soft tip and can be used as a tether as well. The spoons are designed to be ergonomic for your baby's hands.

This Anti Slip Bowl Set could be given as a gift, you will never have to worry about changing your baby's spoon, so order one now and consider getting one for a friend as well.

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