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Dog Bed - Comfy Round Deep Sleeping Bed

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Introducing the original Comfy Round Deep Sleeping Bed - one of the highest quality pet beds ever produced. Crafted with premium nylon fabric and finished with a luxurious faux fur exterior, our soothing bed is designed to mimic the cozy comfort of a mother's fur coat aiming to provide your pet with the most comfortable sleeping experience imaginable. 



Did You Know? 1 in 4 dogs experiences anxiety on a daily basis. When left untreated, built up stress can lead to a severe loss of appetite, destructive behavioral problems, and a shorter life span.

Warm, Snuggly Spot - Most Comfortable Sleep Ever

Your dog will feel cuddled and hugged with its deep crevices that allows them to burrow and smash their face in. The plush faux fur offers superior comfort and creates a sense of Motherly hug - making them feel enclosed and safe. 















































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Improved Behavior and Better Health

The incredibly soft and well-padded bed will give your pups relaxing sleep that will ease their anxiety and stress. Many claims it to be a calming dog bed.

The donut shape makes them feel nice and warm during winter and is ideal for pets that love to snuggle. It also provides full-body support and offers muscle pain relief after a long day of play. 

 Provides the Best Sleep - Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality super soft & plushy bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up. Feeling of safety and warmness is guaranteed to ALL pets while also providing neck and joint support for muscle relief which results in greatly improved sleep!

 Eases Anxiety - The Raised Rim Creates a Sense of Security & Coziness, Activating The Nervous System in a Positive Way Which Allows Your Fur Kids to Relax More Easily and Sleep More Soundly.

 More Happiness For Your Pet - heavenly comfort will not only provide your pet with better and deeper sleep but will also relieve stress while improving health and happiness overall! 

 Pet-Safe Materials - Made from non-toxic durable high quality PP cotton that's safe and long-lasting for your beloved pets. And it's environmentally friendly!


Versatile design - The whole bed can be easily machine washed (Gentle Cycle) and dried (Tumble Dry on Low). The shell is finished with water and dirt-resistant bottoms, that help prevent accidental messes from reaching your floors. 

NOTE: To ensure longevity, it is important that the bed is thoroughly dried directly after washing.

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When choosing your pet's bed, we would recommend the Extra Small and Small for cats or small dog breeds up to 15lbs. The Medium and Large bed is suitable for medium dog breeds up to 20bs and 30lbs respectively while the Extra Large bed is suitable for dog breeds up to 35lbs. Please consider whether your dog loves a little more space or loves to curl up while asleep and if unsure, always pick the bigger size. If you have any problems or questions, simply contact us. P.S. These are estimates only.


























(in Inches / CM)

Pet Weight

(in Lbs / Kgs)

Example Breed
XS 15.8" / 40 5.5 / 2.5 Chihuahua
S 19.7" / 50 11 / 5 Pug / Dachshund
M 23.6" / 60 19.8 / 9 Cocker Spaniel
L 27.6" / 70 26.5 / 12 Collie/Bulldog
XL 31.5" / 80 33 / 15 Labrador

Cozzy Donut Dog Bed Size Measurement

Calming dog bed

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