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Durable Faucet - 360 Degree Rotatable Faucet Shower

360 Degree Rotatable Faucet Shower

This product is a faucet water flow supercharger, composed of stainless steel effluent ABS material. It has three modes of water discharge, one-button switching: pulse mode, pulse shower mode, shower mode. It is used for daily dishwashing, bathing, watering, cleaning, etc. The faucet can be turned flexibly and is very convenient.


[Water-saving faucet] Pressure water-saving device, stainless steel effluent ABS material, excellent water quality.

[Non-slip threaded mouth] Threaded mouth design, non-slip, not afraid of falling off, easy to install.[3 modes] Three water outlet modes, one-button switching: pulse mode, pulse shower mode, shower mode.

[Rotary tap] Rotatable positioning for easy multi-angle cleaning

[One step installation] 24 caliber internal teeth, external teeth 22 round head can be directly installed.


Our customers find it very easy to Install. The product comes with a white rubber attachment to fit your tap to ensure there is no leakage.


For kitchen cleaning, bathroom bathing, garden watering, etc., flexible use, quick installation


Weight: 85g

Size: top diameter 2.4cm, bottom diameter 5.5cm, height 8.5cm

Material: ABS stainless steel silicone

Mode: 3 switching modes, one-touch switching (pulse, shower pulse, shower mode)

Package:  Includes nylon


1* Kitchen Faucet Short Sprayer

1* General connector 0.59~0.83in

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