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Ink Pen - Art Elegant Crystal Floral Glass Dip Pen

Light Blue

Looking for a Luxurious yet Affordable Gift? 

Art Elegant Crystal Floral Glass Dip Pen is a luxurious and creative gift for your better half, family, friends, colleagues and everyone around you.


  • Heat Resistant Glass
  • Extremely Durable
  • It can be used in art painting, graffiti, daily writing, handbooks, etc.
  • Creative gifts for teachers and students, or to anyone around you.
  • The pen is threaded designed to increase ink adsorption, smooth writing, to extend the writing time, hand-made, pen grip comfortable. Once dipped in ink can be maintained about 20-60 words.

How to use:

  1. Dip Ink: Infiltrate ink at the bottom of the cylinder, rotate a circle to fill the groove position with ink.
  2. Ink Flow: Tilt the pen head upside down, let the ink turn evenly, avoid creating too much ink from the headword.
  3. Writing: Can start writing, drawing, feeling ink a little less, can change direction, continue to write.
  4. Cleaning: Stir gently in the water, clean water can, light hold light put, cherish the use.


    Product details:

    • Size: 18.5cm / 7.28in
    • Weight: 73g
    • Material: High borosilicate heat-resistant glass
    • Color: Multiple colors

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Luxury Gift Box
    • 1 x Glass Dip Pen
    • 1 x Penholder
    • 1 x Ink

    What our customers say:

    "The Art Elegant Crystal Floral Glass Dip Pen is Exquisite and delivers a Beautiful and Smooth finish." 


    "Perfect gift for any Pen or Calligraphy Enthusiast!


    "Carefully designed to achieve a delicate weight-comfort ratio. Perfect for both left and right-handed writers.


    "This is a must-have luxury-writing instrument!"


    "It just brings life to my creative hand works..."

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