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Reusable Mat - Grill Barbecue Non-Stick Mat

Having a barbecue is the perfect way to hang out with friends and cook flavorful food, fast. But nothing takes the fun out of grilling more than opening the cover and finding a messy grill caked with barbecues past!

Not anymore! Now you can keep your grill clean and bbq ready at all times. Not only that, our grill mat means you can infuse a wider range of dishes with that deliciously smoky flavor, with grill marks, effortlessly. Seriously, you’ll wonder how you ever grilled without them.

This Reusable Mat - Grill Barbecue Non-Stick Mat lets you grill meat, seafood, sausages, and even veggies to delicious perfection!


  • Evenly cooks the meat. This copper grill mat is infused with copper and its flat surface sheet allows heat to be distributed evenly as you grill meat. 

  • Non-stick & Heat Resistant -Made of premium PTFE Fiberglass and infused with copper won't stick on your grills. No more hassle of scraping off meat residue stuck on the metal grills, and it won't melt on your grills either. It contains no harmful chemicals so it's perfectly safe to use.

  • Designed for convenient grillingit's thin enough to let you make your meat appetizing and juicy enough to withstand hours of grilling.

  • Washable & Reusable. Not only does it let you avoid having to clean off your grills, but it's also easy to clean as well.

  • Grill anything conveniently –meat, burgers, sausages, seafood, veggies, and even pancakes!

Get perfect grill marks all the time! It's best for cookouts, BBQ parties, or outdoor family activities!


Material: Premium PTFE Fiberglass, Copper

Size: Approx. 40 x 33 x 0.2 cm

Package Inclusions: 1 pc Grill Mats Non-Stick Reusable Barbecue Accessories

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